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Girdletree Deep Stack Charity Tournament - November 7, 2015

(UPDATE: 36 Players entered the tournament.  Reaching a $3,700 prize pool with prizes set at 1st, $1,500; 2nd, $1,000; 3rd, $750, 4th, $340 and 5th $100.  There was a $260 High Hand awarded for Quad Jacks, plus a $175 in other raffles.)
A Deep Stacks Charity Poker Tournament will be held at the Girdletree Firehouse on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 11AM.  The Buyin is $100 with $90 going towards the prize.  Players will get $30,000 in tournament chips with an optional Addon for $20 for another $10,000 in chips. Blinds the First hour will be 20 minute blinds, then 30 minutes thereafter until the final table.  Final Table blinds will be 45 Minutes.  Players will be limited to one-Reseat at $125.

Pre-register your seat and be eligible for a $50 cash prize.  No money needed to reserve your seat. CLICK HERE

World Series of Pocomoke - October 17, 2015
Written by Scott Arion   
Monday, 02 June 2014 15:16

(UPDATED 10/18/15 7:30PM) 
The American Legion-Post 93 held their 4th World Series of Pocomoke and they had the
largest player field to date. The morning opened with three $25 Sit n' Go tables where 8 seats were awarded for the Main Event. A field of 58 players were ready for play at 11:15am. The final table of 9 was determined about 6:45pm. By 7:30pm, the winners agreed to a 6-way chop.  The blinds at that point were $10/20,000. The Winners were Stanley A. had 50% of the chips and graciously took $1,200. 2nd & 3rd place players: Robert A, Mark K., each received $890. Besides the cash, Stanley got 2 Girdletree Bike Bash tickets and Robert & Mark each received one ticket. The 4th, 5th, & 6th place players also got $890 each. The "bubble" person received $120 from the final 6.  The prizes were posted at 1st- $1,700; 2nd- $1,350; 3rd- $1,100; 4th- $800; 5th- $500; and 6th - $255.  Gary C had the high hand with a straight flush. A $1/2 dealer's choice cash game last until after the tournament.  The Ladies' Auxillary provided
an All Day Food Buffet for the players. Although everyone seemed to have a good time, many of the "usual" players had other plans . Maybe they will make the next World. Series of Pocomoke which is planned for February 20th, 2016.

2:00PM - 10/17/15 - 59 Players made a $5,700 pot with a $1,700 First Place. They are paying 6 places.
On Saturday, October 17, 2015 the World Series of Pocomoke Returns to the Pocomoke American Legion Post #93.  Buyin is $100 Doors open at 8AM for $25 SNG's with the Main Event starting at 11AM.  $20,000 in starting chips. There will be an optional addon of $20 for $10K and reentries through level 4.  High Hand wins a Girdletree 2016 Cash and Bike Bash Ticket. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place also win a Girdletree 2016 Cash & Bike Bash Ticket. Food Buffect will be available. Other games and raffles during the day. For more details contact Scott Arion, 443.944.6067. (Tournament Director for this event will be Jeff Mc) CLICK HERE FOR FLYER

Girdletree Deep Stack Bounty Charity Tournament

UPDATE: Girdletree's Deep Stacks Bounty Charity Tournament recently held had 38 players.  It was a $135 Buy-in with $25 Bounty Paid for eliminating another player.  $100 towards the prize.  $30,000 in starting chips, First hour 20 minute blinds, then 30 minutes thereafter until the final table.  Final Table blinds will be 45 Minutes. Absolutely NO ReSeats/Re-Entry.  Opitional $10 Addon at the start of the tournament for an additional 10K Chip.  Play started at 11AM and ended at 6:45 when the final two agreed to a $1,050 chop each. A total of six places was paid.  Congratulations to Jerry A. and Jody B. for their chop.  Other winners were Steve R., Sam N., Brian M. and Bill I.

Salisbury VFW May 16th Tournament - Cancelled
Written by Administrator   

The Salisbury VFW and Jeff Rantz would like to apologize for the inconvenience the cancellation of the last two charity poker tournaments which were scheduled may have caused.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside Mr. Rantz's control, the May 16, 2015 tournament has had to be cancelled.  The VFW appreciates your patronage and support through the years and they hope to be able to provide an economical, good return on your entry fee, valued charity poker tournament.  Again, the VFW thanks you for your understanding and support.

World Series of Pocomoke RETURNS February 28, 2015
Written by Scott Arion   
Friday, 16 January 2015 00:00

UPDATE (2/28/15 @ 10PM) - 55 Players startred today's WSOPocomoke. With the players and add-ons, First place prize was $1,430 with a total prize pool of over $4,300.  Play got started at 11:40AM and the last hand was dealt at 9PM. At the completion of play, the blinds were 2 minutes away from $20/40,000.  The did an 8 way split of $530 each.  This was the third event the Legion has held in 15 months, all with 50+ players.  Although there was a glitch yesterday at registration, the tournament was uneventful, pleasant players and everyone seemed to have  a good time.  In addition to the tournament a $1/2 Holdem/Omaha game lasted until 11PM.

The World Series Of Pocomoke returns IN TWO (2) DAYS!!!

On Saturday, February 28, 2015… the World Series Of Pocomoke returns to the American Legion Post #93 located at 1017 By Pass Road in Pocomoke.  Or… just look for the WW2 fighter jet outside!!

  • The doors open at 8:30am for the $30 SNG’s where 3 out of 10 win seats
  • The Main Event starts at 11am and the buy-in $85 with $70 going to the prize pool
  • The starting chip count is $20,000 with an optional $10,000 add-on chip for $20
  • Re-entries are $135 with $80 going to the prize pool
  • Married couples will be charged $160
  • A high hand prize will be awarded at 5:00pm
  • An all-day breakfast-lunch-dinner food buffet will be available for $10.

Bonus !!!

Seated players for the Main Event will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a $550 Horseshoe Casino Prize Package to compete for the $250,000 Ring Event.  Each Prize Package will consist of a cash equivalence of a $365 Tournament Seat, $110 for a night’s lodging, $50 for dinner, and $25 for gasoline.  Raffle tickets are 1 for $10, 3 tickets for $20, 10 tickets for $40.  Each player will be limited to $40 in raffle tickets.  The raffle tickets will be sold prior to the start of the Main Event and the drawing(s) will be held after the first blind.  Since the $250,000 Ring Event is the same day as our tournament and the Flight D event is at 5:00pm in Baltimore, the winner(s) will be refunded their Pocomoke entry fee (less the $15 contribution and add-on chip fee) so they can compete for the WSOP ring!  However, the winner(s) could play in our tournament and use their Prize Package for any of the remaining events at the Horseshoe until March 9th.  Players must be at least 21 years of age.

Don’t miss this one… you could play for poker immortality !!!

For more information visit:


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